ROUZA A LA SUISSE LUXURY RESORT IN RUSSIA is a world-class resort located in one of the most scenic and pristine areas of the Moscow Region - the Ruza District. In a sense, this resort is to be a country of its own.

ROUZA A LA SUISSE is an immense residential and leisure zone that spreads over an area of 40,000 hectares. The shores of purest Ozerninskoye and Ruzskoye Water Reservoirs will soon house two 5-star country hotels, Bunino and Acatovo, with Russia's best golf clubs, unparalleled equestrian parks, spa centers, sports centers, and yacht clubs.

The multifaceted resort program also includes Panovo downhill ski resort, the largest and the best-equipped in the Moscow Region with elevation changes exceeding 150 meters and a servicing capacity of 10,000 persons per hour. The program envisages 26 slopes, which is more than at any other downhill ski resort in Russia. Three of the slopes would undergo homologation procedures (evaluation of lifts, slopes, elevation changes, etc.) to attain the European Cup level for international slalom and snowboard competitions.

ROUZA A LA SUISSE will also have a mini-airport of its own for sports' and business' aircrafts, helicopter pads, and a safari park featuring exotic animals. Each of the facilities is unequalled in its own class; in combination they form a multifaceted resort complex unparalleled not only at the domestic but also at the global level.

The concept of ROUZA A LA SUISSE has incorporated experience and fundamental principles of the most renowned European resort developments. For example, the height of its buildings would not exceed 2 stories. The resort would offer perfectly developed infrastructure and the ultimate level of service. Wide spectrum of sophisticated leisure activities offered by ROUZA A LA SUISSE would allow its guests and residents to spend their leisure time in an exciting and memorable way throughout the year.

Residential complex of the resort would include the executive cottage zone - Moskvareka-Vasilievskoye, Syne-Ozero and Panovo developments, and the manor zone - Dubovaya Roscha development. The manors are in the most scenic sites of ROUZA A LA SUISSE, located close to the resort's recreational facilities. The most sumptuous and expensive manors are to be developed next to Bunino and Acatovo golf clubs and on the shores of Ruzskoye and Ozerninskoye Water Reservoirs.

Ozerninskoye Water Reservoir. Autumn. Oak Grove peninsula - the site of the first group of the executive residential estates

ROUZA A LA SUISSE is a multi-profile project that goes beyond residential and resort facilities. For example, the resort will have farms of Russian Milk company. Residents and guests of the resort would appreciate high quality of the premium-class dairies produced by this agricultural holding.

The breathtaking natural beauty of Ruza District adds to the special charm of the resort. These lands feature vast pristine forests with pines and birches, pine and oak woods, purest water basins including Ozerninskoye and Ruzskoye Water Reservoirs, glacial lakes such as Glubokoye and Trostenskoye with their scenic shores and finest white sand. Ruza District has never been exposed to large industrial developments, which has allowed it to maintain its natural environment in practically unscathed condition.

Ruza District has preserved quite a number of hereditary manors of Russian nobility, which are historical and architectural monuments. In a way, they are in tune with the main concept of ROUZA A LA SUISSE project - the revival of traditional Russian manor culture in harmonious combination with the modern European recreational culture. The district's places of interest include Arkhangelskoye - the manor of the famous architect O.I. Bove, Annino - the hereditary estate of boyars Miloslavsky, Nikolskoye-Gagarino - a true gem of the district, Volynshchina-Poluektovo - the hereditary estate of the Dolgorukys, Pokrovskoye-Sheremetyevo - a place where Russian poet F.I. Tyutchev spent his childhood.

Beneficial location, unparalleled climatic conditions and the lack of large industrial enterprises once turned the area into a preferred holiday place of Soviet cultural and political elite. In those days it was justly rated as the hub of Moscow's suburban resort and rehabilitation zone. The obvious advantages of the district have been recently supplemented with convenient transport infrastructure. A drive to ROUZA A LA SUISSE along the modern high-speed Novorizhskoye highway, Minskoye or Rublevo-Uspenskoye highways will take no longer than one hour. Besides, the modern road connecting the Garden Ring to the Moscow Ring Road and to Novorizhskoye highway, which is currently being built will make the travel to the amazing land of ROUZA A LA SUISSE even more quick and pleasant.

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