IVOILOVO Safari Park
Safari originated in African savannas as an exotic recreational activity for "the whites", exploring and exploiting the animal world of the continent. It denoted jeep rides in the wilderness with the purpose of tracking down and, in most cases, of hunting down large wild animals. In time, that extravagant pastime gained such popularity that the African safari tradition was transferred to Europe, where it acquired more civilized and "combed" character. European safari parks are located on large fenced plots of land intersected with top quality roads, where very large wild animals live in enclosures.

European-model safari park is to be created in ROUZA A LA SUISSE LUXURY RESORT IN RUSSIA on the basis of the current rare animal nursery. A part of Ruza district lands is already assigned to the Russian Federation Government Program for "Establishing a wildlife and cultural preservation area for the rare animal nursery of the Moscow Zoo". Many of these animals fall into the category of specially protected species. The nursery located at the boundary of Volokolamsk and Ruza Districts works with Moscow and S-Petersburg Zoos; it acts as an animal supplier and keeper for those and some other regional zoos. Manmade sand pits with unusual relief and considerable elevation changes are located nearby, making the site an ideal location for safari park development. Ivoilovo guests would be able to visit it in their own cars or with organized bus trips.

Along the way through the park, they would see exotic animals able to withstand Russian winters, mysterious grottos, ravines, hills, man-made waterfalls, ponds with water birds. Serpentine roads would add adrenaline to driving. Special resting sites would offer cafes, restaurants and souvenir stores to the park guests. Driving to the Safari Park from the Moscow Ring Road will take about 50 minutes.

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