Social Aspects of the Project.
Government Support.
Russian Milk Agricultural Holding
Implementation of ROUZA A LA SUISSE LUXURY RESORT IN RUSSIA program will contribute to a balanced development of the unparalleled area located near the huge and continuously growing European megalopolis. The unique feature of the program is the availability of the General Development Plan for the District for the next 25 years, which calls for new standards of life and work in line with the best West European models. At the same time, the plan strives to maintain both the district's business specialization and national traditions, including those in architecture.

The general development plan of ROUZA A LA SUISSE was considered and approved by the Moscow Region Government and is supported by local authorities and residents. It includes a social development program, which is now being implemented in Ruza district in order to create beneficial local social climate. Development of service infrastructure will give local residents the opportunity to engage in servicing the resort facilities, country hotels, and cottage and manor developments.

Furthermore, an integral part of ROUZA A LA SUISSE Program - the agricultural holding Russian Milk OAO - has already been established in Ruza District. The holding is a complete cycle field-to-counter production company notable for its vertically integrated structure optimal for a dairy production and centralized management system. It comprises eight out of ten agricultural enterprises in the district, as well as Bogorodskoye feed mill and Ruzskoe Moloko dairy factory.

The holding produces a line of natural dairies sold under the brand name Ruzskoye Moloko (Ruza Milk). Its policy bans the use of dried milk, milk fat substitutes, preservatives or other artificial additives in any production processes. All farms supplying milk to the Ruzskoe Moloko dairy factory are located within thirty kilometers of it, which ensures quick milk processing and incontestable quality of the products. Russian Milk OAO adheres to the policy of high social responsibility to its employees, district residents and especially children and teenagers.

The agricultural holding is conducting energetic social policy in the district in close contact with the local government, the Deputies Council of Ruza District, and the heads of local rural units. The company is involved in development and financing of various social programs, it participates in renovation of school buildings, preschool facilities, residential buildings, boiler-houses and heating mains, sponsors art groups and sport teams.

On the initiative and with an active support of the Russian Milk OAO the district schools have introduced a new course "Christian Orthodox Humanity Foundations". To master the new subject local schoolchildren are provided with modern textbooks and take part in tours and outings to museums and monasteries.

Prospective plans of the holding envisage closer cooperation with leading educational institutions involved in training of agriculture specialists, to the extent of founding personal scholarships with subsequent employment.

Further development of the holding and implementation of ROUZA A LA SUISSE LUXURY RESORT IN RUSSIA Program in general will result in economic revival of the district. This involves diversification of the district's business activity, steady growth in prosperity of the local population and additional tax proceeds for the budget.

A fundamental position of the Russian Milk OAO is the use of predominantly local manpower resources. So far the major part of the enterprises' work team has remained in place. The company adheres to the policy of working condition improvement involving mechanization and gradual growth of wages. Training and career development courses are being introduced. Russian Milk OAO sees the unfailing recipe for the future prosperity of Ruza District in a productive joint effort of the investor, local residents and government.

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